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Owner Builder Warranty

An owner builder is someone who built his own home or had additions or modifications of specified value done to his home. If the same person decides to sell his home within 7 years from the construction of his home or the additions to it, then he is required to get a home indemnity insurance before he can sell his property. In order to do this, he needs to first submit a defects inspection report prepared by a building inspector.

That’s where we come in. Resicert can offer a comprehensive report complete with photographs. Our report complies with AS43491-2007, and it is backed with professional indemnity insurance. Get an instant quote now!

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Recent Client Feedback

We were very happy with the service and report provided. The investigation was very thorough, conducted at short notice and the report was generated within 24 hours. the inspector was also very helpful, gave feedback over the phone enthusiastically and put everything in easy to understand terminology. Very happy indeed. Thank you. - Ben

We were really impressed with the report, and the service. Will recommend to anyone we know who is needing an inspection. - Elana